• Eggplant Roll 45 NIS

    Slices of Eggplant Rolled and stuffed with goat cheese, artichoke paste, yogurt and truffles paste in tomato sauce

  • Beef Carpaccio 46 NIS

    Slice rump in classic olive oil and balsamic vinegar with Parmesan on top

  • Fresh Ceviche 48 NIS

    Fresh sea fish with vegetable and fruit that varies according to season and our inspiration

  • Liver Pate In Hazelnut Crust 47 NIS

    Duck liver cooked in butter, apples, whiskey and chocolate | served with Belgian Waffle bruschetta and tomato jam

  • Grilled Baladi 38 NIS

    Burnt eggplant with green tahini sauce and roasted chickpeas, fresh tomato salsa and soft boiled egg

  • Polenta Consalata 44 NIS

    Ground corn potenta cooked with butter, cream, parmesan, truffles and roasted champignon mushroom

  • Seafood Soup 46 NIS

    Shrimps, mussels, zucchini, carrot and leek, prepared in seafood broth and parmesan

  • House Breads 28 NIS

    Our special baked breads, served fresh from the oven with a selection of dips & spreads


  • Cherry Butter Shrimps 52/84 NIS

    Peeled Shrimps sautéed in white wine, cherry tomatoes, butter, dijon mustard, walnuts and herbs

  • Liver On Waffle 68 NIS

    Grilled duck livers on truffles Belgian waffles served with a red wine sauce and Porcini mushroom mousse

  • Mushrooms and Chestnuts Risotto 62 NIS

    Cooked in a parmesan broth, white wine, cream, porcini, purple onion and champignon mushrooms, chestnuts and truffles | with a touch of créme’ fresh

  • Jerusalem Seabream 85 NIS

    Oven baked Seabream fish fillet, served on handmade tortellini filled with Jerusalem artichoke cream, served in Sage butter and lemon sauce

  • Tortellini Verde 72 NIS

    Handmade tortellini filled with arugula, spinach, kale leaves, onion and ricotta, cooked in a white wine, pickled lemon, chili peppers, parmesan and cream

  • Cheese Ravioli 66 NIS

    Cheese Ravioli in cream sauce, Saint moor cheese and beets, balsamic vinegar, white wine, porcini mushrooms and thyme

  • Ravioli De Toro 54 NIS

    Handmade ravioli filled with slow cooked beef, served with carrots and onion | in a cream and beef broth

  • Saint Moor Salad 52 NIS

    Selanova lettuce, seasonal fruits, baby radish, and roasted pecans, dressed in an apples and beetroot cream vinaigrette, served with Saint Moor cheese brulée

  • Beit Hillel Salad 42 NIS

    Chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, purple onion, capers, baby radish, and goat feta cheese | dressed with olive oil, lemon and basil

  • Artichoke Salad 46 NIS

    Spinach and arugula leaves, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, purple onion and chick-pees | dressed with black tahini, olive oil and fresh oregano


  • Caprese Hamburger 200gm 68 NIS

    Ground rump and beef short rib, with melted mozzarella cheese and hollandaise pesto sauce. Served in a bun with lettuce, sliced tomato and purple onion. Served on the side with open fire baked potato and créme’ fresh

  • Salmon fillet on Root Vegetables Puree 94 NIS

    Salmon fillet marinated and baked in mustard and herbs, served on a root-vegetables puree

  • Risotto Angelo 76 NIS

    Show cooked lamb with garden vegetables, herbs, purple onion, truffle, cream and Pecorino | with a touch of yogurt

  • Beef Fillet Gnocchi 94 NIS

    Potato gnocchi, sliced beef fillet, champignon and porcini mushrooms, with green beans, chestnuts, and purple onion | In a beef broth, red wine and cream sauce

  • Rose a-la Vodka 57 NIS

    Garganelli pasta sautéed in a cream tomato sauce, goat Guada cheese and basil with A SIP of vodka

  • Pappardelle Tartuffo 65 NIS

    Champignon, shimeji and porcini mushrooms with onion and truffle paste | In parmesan broth, white wine, cream and cream fresh

  • Beef Fillet Medallions 76/128/158 NIS

    Served with bone marrow and a polenta. 110gm / 220gm /330gm

  • Sweet Potato and Chestnuts Ravioli 74 NIS

    Handmade ravioli filled with sweet potato, spinach and chestnuts | In coconut cream, cherry tomatoes, white wine and basil

  • Tagliatelfe Nero 78 NIS

    Black squid ink pasta sautéed with shrimps, and mussels in a cream, white wine, garlic, Dijon mustard and herbs sauce

  • Sea Carbonara 88 NIS

    Pappardetle pasta, chopped bacon, shrimps, onion, Dijon mustard. Sautéed in a cream tomato sauce, white wine and Pecorino cheese. Served with a fresh egg yolk

  • Salmon Artichoke 78 NIS

    Pappardelle pasta, Salmon slices, capers, cherry tomatoes and artichokes. Sauteed with cream tomato sauce, white wine and parmesan


  • Beef Fillet Bianca 78 NIS

    Bianca pepper cream sauce, beef fillet strips, parmesan and mozzarella, tomato salsa, arugula and a reduced balsamic sauce

  • Bianca Verde 64 NIS

    Bianca nutmeg and garlic cream sauce, blue cheese, pecorino, parmesan and mozzarella, spainach and champignon mushrooms

  • The Sicilian 58 NIS

    Pomodoro sauce, capes, artichokes, parmesan, mozzarella and arugula in truffle aroma

  • Smokin Pizza 68 NIS

    Tomato salsa, hot pepper, parmesan, mozzarella and arugula leaves, with smohed turkey and corned beef

  • Mama Italia 48 NIS

    Traditional italian pizza pomodoro sauce, parmesan, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil

  • Farmhouse Pizza 55 NIS

    Pomodoro sauce, kalamata olives, tomatoes, purple onione, chives, mozzarella, feta and fresh basil

  • Do it yourself 44 NIS

    Vegetables: Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Purple onions, Green onions, Kalamata olives, Hot pepper, Artichoke, Eggplant, Basil, Arugula, Spinach - 6 NIS / Cheese: Pecorino, feta, goat gouda, saint moor - 10 NIS / Meat & Anchovy: Bacon, Corned beef, smoked turkey breast, Pepperoni, Anchovy - 12 NIS


Brunch menu

All of our pastries are homemade, with lots of love

  • Bruschetta 42 NIS

    Three bruschetta: Goat Gouda cheese with artichoke, tomato, spinach spicy salad / Anchovy and marinated lemon aioli tomato and green onion / Corned beef and lemon aioli with rocket salad, pickles and aged balsamic

  • Muesli Granola 34 NIS

    Yogurt, homemade granola, summer fruits and honey

  • Cheese platter 54 NIS

    Brie, Cheddar, Saint mor, Picorino Romano, Parmesan, rustic

  • Our Bndkit 56 NIS

    Onion, spinach and mushrooms in cream with seared corned beef, fried egg and mustard Hollandaise on A toasted brioche

  • Bureka! 46 NIS

    Homemade puff pastry filled with cheese served with a perfect egg, pickled cucumber, salsa tomato and tahini

  • Croissant sandwich 44 NIS

    Homemade Butter Croissant stuffed with goat Gouda cheese, goose Pastrami, tomato and rocket

בלאדי על האש
סלט סנט מור

Dessert menu

  • Crème Brulee Hazelnut 36 NIS

    Rich caramelized vanilla cream served half frozen with hazelnut candy and berry sauce

  • Chocolate Fondant 35 NIS

    Our classic fondant made of 70% cocoa chocolate with a warm vanilla caramel heart, served with vanilla ice cream

  • Lemon cream 38 NIS

    Lemon cream wrapped in shortcrust pastry with ricotta ice cream, almond crumble and passion fruit

  • Cheese Cake 36 NIS

    Creamy rich cheesecake, based on chocolate- chocolate cookie and warm caramelized apple sauce on top

  • Affogato 16 NIS

    Scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso

  • Amber - dessert sweet white win 28 NIS

    Odem Mountain Winery. Amber is a dessert fortified white wine, with an Amber color that tends to gold ,deep mature aromas of honey, maple and nuts


Wine menu


  • Valpolicielle Casa Venikula Sartori, Italy 25/88 NIS

    From northern Italy, light and tender refreshing wine

  • 4 Seasons Pinotage Assaf Winery 158 NIS

    Asafs' vineyard unique blend, unconventional rich tastes. Mainly consists of Pinotage – South African beloved national wine

  • Volcanic Merlot Odem Mountain Winery 34/119 NIS

    This wine has a deep fresh red color, its aromas suggestive of wild berries and flowers, as well as mature soft spicy sting

  • Trio pelter Winery 88 NIS

    Outstanding blend of three different grapes characterized by gentle citrus and pepper taste, well balanced with a long ending

  • GAMLA Cabernet Sauvignon Golan Height Winery 30/115 NIS

    Our classic Cabernet which never fails

  • Cabernet Shiraz PELTER Winery 156 NIS

    Classic blend of Cabernet and Shiraz. Elegant, well balanced with long ending

  • Alon Galil Mountain Winery 102 NIS

    A conquering and tasteful blend of Cabernet and Syrah

  • Yiron Galil Mountain Winery 160 NIS

    Flagship wine of the Galil Mountain winery. An impressive, most tasteful wine, with full body

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Assaf Winery 178 NIS

    Exquisite rich Cabernet Sauvignon, with full body and long ending. The flagship wine of Assaf Winery, classic for Golan Heights locality


  • Gamla riesling Golan Height Winery 96 NIS

    Cool, refreshing, rounded out with a touch of sweetness

  • Gewürztraminer Villa Wolf, Germany 28/98 NIS

    Classic Gewürztraminer is our sweet recommendation for a delicious sweet and spicy complex

  • Pinot Grigio Casa Venikula Sartori, Itly 24/88 NIS

    Favorable Italian white wine taste, a youthful, light and fruity wine

  • Sauvignon Blanc Gamla reserve Golan Height Winery 102 NIS

    The wine is vivid, fresh and easy to drink

  • Chenin Blanc Assaf Winery 36/140 NIS

    An elegant golden colored wine characterized in a variety of delicate fragrances. Complimenting every great meal.

  • Volcanic Chardonnay Odem Mountain Winery 119 NIS

    Light summery wine, crisp, straw colored. Palate tastes tropical and citrus fruits

  • Prosecco Sartori, Italy 75 NIS

    The winning aperitif for every great meal

Alcohol & Cocktails


  • Red dress 36 NIS

    Vodka | Chambord | berries | lemon | mint

  • Chilychee 42 NIS

    Gin Bombay | Saint germain | Pineapple juice | lemon | chili | Protein foam

  • Jack's coffee 38 NIS

    Jack Daniels honey | Irish cream | cream | espresso

  • Northern light 36 NIS

    Gin Bombay | Midori | passion fruit | lemon


  • riga black 11/20 NIS
  • Finlandia 14/28 NIS
  • Grey goose 19/39 NIS

Cag beer

  • Tuborg 22/26 NIS
  • Stella Artois 26/32 NIS

Beer bottle

  • weihenstephan 28 NIS
  • Carlsberg 22 NIS
  • Samersby 4.5 % Apple Cider Hooch 22 NIS



  • Famous grouse 15/28 NIS
  • Mcallen 12 year 24/47 NIS
  • Johnnie Walker – red label 14/26 NIS
  • Johnnie Walker – black label 18/34 NIS
  • Glenfiddich Distillery 12 year 22/42 NIS
  • Balvenie 12 year 22/42 NIS


  • jameson 15/28 NIS
  • Bushmills Black Bush 17/34 NIS


  • jack-daniels 18/34 NIS
  • Gentleman jack 20/38 NIS
  • Jack daniels honey 16/29 NIS


  • Vanilla Meukow 18/36 NIS
  • Hennessy VS 18/36 NIS
  • Courvoisier vs 17/34 NIS


  • Pastis 15/28 NIS
  • Elite ha'arak 9/18 NIS
  • Ouzo plomari 14/26 NIS


  • sauza silver 16/30 NIS
  • herradura anejo 19/34 NIS


  • London hill 14/24 NIS
  • Bombay Sapphire 15/29 NIS


  • Bacardi white 15/29 NIS
  • Bacardi oakheart spiced 15/29 NIS


  • Gin, tonic and cucumber 29 NIS
  • Aperol spritz with Sprite 28 NIS
  • Kuba Libra- rum, Lime and Coke 32 NIS
  • Vodka, lime, Sprite and Mint 32 NIS


  • Campari 14/28 NIS
  • Aperol 13/25 NIS
  • Martini bianco 11/22 NIS
  • Martini rosso 11/22 NIS
  • Martini extra dry 13/24 NIS
  • Martini Bitter 14/28 NIS


  • Limoncello piemme 12/24 NIS
  • Grappa Alexander 13/26 NIS


  • Irish cream 14/28 NIS
  • Feigling 14/28 NIS

Kid's menu

  • Pasta without sauce Spaghetti \ Penne 22 NIS
  • pasta in a Bolognese sauce Spaghetti \ Penne 42 NIS
  • pasta in a cream sauce Spaghetti \ Penne \ gnocchi 38 NIS
  • pasta in a tomato sauce Spaghetti \ Penne \ gnocchi 36 NIS
  • Pasta in a cream tomato sauce Spaghetti \ Penne \ gnocchi 36 NIS

    Extra mushrooms - 6 nis. The pasta sauces contain Parmesan

  • Pizza 35 NIS


  • Hamburger (180 gm) 48 NIS

    With lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayonnaise. side dish: Puree \ Baked potato



Sunday – Thursday 12:00 – 17:00

15% discount on food menu

Excludes children’s and special dishes

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